Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pink Saturday - Automobiles

I'm so sorry I'm late posting again! Life is just so full right now. But better late than never, as I always say!

Congratulations to Beverly, our host at Pink Saturday! It's the two-year anniversary of Pink Saturday and she has been featured in the summer edition of Artful Blogging! yea!!! Good news!
Thank you for hosting this wonderful event each week, Beverly!

Today I chose to look at cars. Besides pink,I love vintage cars! And I knew there would be lots of vintage pink cars for me to drool over. I was right! But I also found some new, yet Retro cars to drool over. Of course there is always the ridiculous, but I had to limit my consumption; therefore, I am just posting my favorites here.

The wonderfully retro and boss Dodge Challenger in fuschia pink! Here is the article about it and source for the photo:>

Adorable little European number:
Image from Matthieu Aubrey on Flickr.

There is still nothing better than a classic! Tail fins rock! Photo from Sam the Sham.

And now, my all time favorite car, the c. 1957 Ford Thunderbird. Ohhh la!
Image from Morven's photostream on Flickr.

I also ran across a web page that asks the question, "What if pink took over the world?"
Evidently, the people at this company, Design Swan, let it do just that with their Pink Thursdays. On that day everyone has to wear something pink. How fun! Can you imagine how pretty that office is on Thursdays?!
Anyway, they have posted some pics that answer their question. It's quite amusing. Imagine pink clad security officers and soldiers!! It is a quick trip, but one I think you'll enjoy. Click here.

P.S. the pic top pic is from this web site:

Happy Pink Saturday everyone!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pink Saturday - Accessories!

I'm sorry for posting so late in the day, but I almost forgot about Pink Saturday!
Whew! Glad I remembered!

Today I went into the closet for yummy pink accessories! What girl isn't addicted to shoes and purses?!
Don't you just love these new shoes I picked up the other day?! They are hot pink and candy-apple red! Delish!!

Here is a candy pink purse - vintage, of course! They just don't make 'em like they used to, do they?!

And finally, a cotton candy pink hat and scarf.

Congratulations to Beverly, our host at Pink Saturday! It's the two-year anniversary of Pink Saturday and she has been featured in the summer edition of Artful Blogging! yea!!! Good news!
Thank you for hosting this wonderful event each week, Beverly!

Happy Pink Saturday everyone!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Sunday Postcard Art - Oriental Theme

I am so excited that Mandy & Donna at PSA chose "Oriental" as the theme this week! I watched Mae West in a clip from a movie a couple weeks ago...she was singing "I'm an occidental woman in an oriental mood for love..." Well, I just adored this idea, so I was mulling over a way to do an artwork with this theme anyway. I also remembered how beautiful and exotic Myrna Loy looked in The Mask of Fu Manchu. And I can never forget Doris Day in Glass Bottom Boat as Mata Hari. So without further ado, here is my entry inspired by classic cinema and SPA. For this I used an antique postcard, various brushes and textures I created, as well as some Dover elements.

And as a little bonus, a treat for you, here are my inspirations:
Mae West, Myrna Loy and Doris Day. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sunday Postcard Art (SPA)

Spring is such a wonderful time of year! I'm glad Wendy at Sunday Postcard Art chose Springtime as the theme for this week's postcards. At first I though I would go with flowers and birds, but then I saw the ballerina and just had to use her!!! And doesn't springtime make you want to dance?! :-)

I have done this design in two colorways: black and red. I am posting both because I like both, don't you? The black for the strong contrast, and the red for the rich color?

Hope you enjoy - have a blessed Sunday!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Pretty in Pink

It's time for Pink favorite blog activity!
Today, I am sharing some great finds in retro clothing and accessories, as well as a pink "portrait" I did of my niece.

Here is a sweet little purse I found at Bluebird Vintage:

And a darling pink cherry print bathing suit at My Baby Jo

One of my muses is my niece...a beautiful young woman who is so photogenic.
I have enjoyed photographing her when I can pin her down! This particular photograph has been collaged and manipulated - because that's just what I do! And just saturated in hot pink - because pink is such a happy color.

Yea! I just got an email that said one of my designs was chosen as a Featured Design on Zazzle's page for princess party invitations! Whoo Hooo! It's nice to be noticed, isn't it?

Here is what they said:

You've won a Zazzle Artist Award! Congratulations, brandyinthesky! Your product, Ladies of the Castle Collage Art Invitations from, has been hand-picked as an example of creativity at its finest. Out of the billions of designs on Zazzle, yours was chosen for being one of the best.

As a reward, your product will appear at the top of the page listed below in the "Featured Designs" section for approximately 2 weeks. This means you, your product, and your store will be center stage!

Thanks, as always, to sure to visit her blog for a list of participators, then go have fun browsing and sampling all the pretty pink posts. :-)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunday Postcard Art

UPDATE: I am still a designing fool this week! And I found this fun blog called Sunday Postcard Art -- It gives you a theme each week, and you are supposed to create a 4x6 piece of art, postcard size! I love that! I am a postcard collector, and many of my designs are so inspired. Can't wait to do this every week. At least I hope to. It's a great way to get inspiration if you are stumped.

So here is my springtime in Paris themed postcard.
April showers don't just bring may flowers! Afterall, it's April in is in the air! Lovers on a Sunday stroll in Paris are caught in the rain, but they don't mind!

Copyright 2010 Brandyinthesky - All rights reserved.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Addicted to Designing

After a two month absence, we are back to the blog! Yea!
A lot has been going on in our lives and we haven't had much time for anything like blogging. Not even art or design!!!!!

But I recently began designing again and once I start, I can't stop! It is so fun and quite therapeutic. The only problem is, nothing else gets done...namely house work! LOL

But here are some of the results of my work today and one day last week.
I opened a new store on Zazzle for business cards and stationery. This is a taste of what's in the store so far. (And yes, I'm also addicted to Marie Antoinette!)

Make personalized gifts at Zazzle.